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3 (2)Having a beautiful smile takes work and a lifetime of outstanding dental care and good dental hygiene habits. At Canyon Echo Dental one of our top priorities is to help you and your family have beautiful smiles that last a lifetime and to equip you with the education necessary to maintain higher standards of oral care. In order to achieve this we offer a variety of general and family dentistry services that act as the foundation for your lifetime of good oral health.

Some of the general & family dentistry services that we offer to our patients – young and old – include:

Dental Hygiene Instruction | If you want to have beautiful teeth that stay healthy and happy you need to know how to take care of them properly. Our team works hard to educate each of our patients in proper tooth care and will do their very best to help you and your family be equipped with the knowledge necessary to keep your oral health great.

Autumn PortraitTeeth Cleanings | A regular teeth cleaning is one of the best things you can do to keep the health of  your mouth on track. During a teeth cleaning our team works to remove builtup plaque and tartar so that you can avoid potential problems caused by these substances. During a hygiene visit our team works to remove plaque, stain and tartar so that you can avoid potential problems caused by these substances.

Tooth colored fillings | Gone are the days where fillings had to be made of metal amalgam and stand out as constant reminders of past dental issues. At Canyon Echo Dental we offer beautiful tooth colored fillings that blend with your natural teeth, helping your teeth to stay looking beautiful and highly functional too.

We are excited to be able to offer these general & family dentistry services and even more all from the comfort of our Lincoln office. Have more questions about these services, or any of the other services our team can provide? Call us today!

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